Based on our broad experience in helping clients extract useful
insights from benchmarking, we will use this whitepaper to show how
you can successfully apply benchmarking in your own organisation
by means of a 6-step guide. Amongst others things, you will learn:
  • Why it is important to compare apples with pears in
    benchmarking, and how to craft your peer group;
  • What the top 10 ratios are that provide the best comparisons, and
    where to find the data;
  • At what moments benchmarking has its strategic value, and
    whom the include in the process;
  • Why common conceptions around the availability, age and
    applicability of data are obsolete.

We hope you will be inspired to create an objective performance
measure for your company with the use of benchmarking. Please feel
free to contact us if you have any questions regarding benchmarking
and how it can benefit your company.

Whitepaper Benchmarking

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